Hospitality Committee Calendar 2019-2020


  • Committee Meeting 2nd Sunday, July 14
  • Welcome/orient new member
  • Consider holding committee meeting to prepare and organize for the year


  • Committee Meeting 2nd Sunday, August 11
  • Consider holding committee meeting to prepare and organize for the year


  • Committee Meeting 2nd Sunday, September 8
  • Recognize and thank returning members and orient new members.
  • Review mission statement in Meeting Directory
  • Create an overall calendar of the year's activities.
  • Establish a regular day, time and place when committee meets. Send this to the Meeting Clerk and to the meetinghouse resident (John)
  • Select a secretary to keep minutes or agree to rotate the responsibility
  • Plan for the committee clerk and at least one other committee member to attend the Clerk's Retreat coordinated by Ministry and Worship


  • Committee Meeting 2nd Sunday, October 13
  • If we are to do something for Thanksgiving, announcd it toward end of this month (email to Publications and Communications for both eNews (listserv) and Newsletter, and email to Ministry and Worship for Announcements at end of Sunday meeting).


  • Committee Meeting 2nd Sunday, November 10
  • Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 28.



  • Committee Meeting 2nd Sunday, January 12
  • Is any Committee member cycling off? Give suggestions to Nominations
  • The fiscal year is almost half over. Evaluate your current budget. If you will need more for the remaining six months, consult with Finance Committee ASAP.
  • If Committee Clerk not continuing next year, then identify an Assistant Clerk to work with you the next 6 months.


  • Committee Meeting 2nd Sunday, February 9
  • Draft annual report (often, but not necessarily, prepared by the committee clerk) so that all committee members have an opportunity to review and approve the report.


  • Committee Meeting 2nd Sunday, March 8
  • By March 3, email report to Publications and Communications.
  • Hospitality Annual report at MWAB, March 17
  • Review budget needs for upcoming fiscal year (July 2019-June 2020) and submit budget to Finance Committee
  • If you didn't do it in January, consider who will serve as Clerk for the next year. Make this decision by May.


  • Committee Meeting 2nd Sunday, April 12


  • Committee Meeting 2nd Sunday, May 10
  • If there will be a new Clerk, orient new clerk to role, calendar, issues, etc.
  • Submit remaining reimbursement requests to the Meeting Treasurer.


  • Committee Meeting 2nd Sunday, June 14
  • Select a clerk/co-clerks/assistant-clerk for the new year starting in July
  • Promptly send name of new clerk to the Clerk of the Meeting and to Publications and Communications Committee
  • In the June MWAB the members of your committee will be approved. Meet with the new members soon afterwards to welcome and orient them to the work of the committee.