The following is from the 2019 Hospitality Committee Annual Report:

For two years running, the Committee has asked for volunteers to share their Thanksgiving dinner with members without a local family to be with. In 2018 we had no volunteer hosts and two would-be guests who fortunately found other venues for Thanksgiving. The year before we had neither hosts nor guests. This coming Thanksgiving (2019) we will need to rethink our plans.

fyi: The following is the announcement that was made in 2018 after meeting for worship and in the eNews:

Share a Thanksgiving Meal

Recognizing that not all of us will have plans for the Thanksgiving holiday, Hospitality Committee is looking for Friends interested in expanding their usual Thanksgiving celebration. If you would like to include one or more guests--or if you would like to be the guest of a sharing Friend at Thanksgiving --please let us know by signing up on the Meetinghouse door or by contacting Buzz Borchardt at Hospitality will gather your responses and coordinate invitations to join in these gatherings.