Here's the agenda for our Hospitality meeting this Sunday (4/14) after worship.

Well meet in the schoolhouse -- in the Teachers' room if it's empty (next to the bathroom). If you canít attend I would appreciate your letting me know, and if you can't please think of signing up for greeting and potluck.

We will open with worship and check-in and close with worship.

1. We need greeters and potluck helpers for:

May 5, greeter:
May 5, potluck: Gwyn, ?, ?
May 12, greeter/refreshments:
May 19, greeter/refreshments:
May 26, greeter/refreshments:

Reminder: Here are greeters for the rest of this month:

Apr 14, greeter/refreshments: Annalee
Apr 21, greeter/refreshments: Hart
Apr 28, greeter/refreshments: Betsy Fenhagen greet, Buzz refreshments

2. Guest Book/Lotsa Helping Hands: Annalee will describe what she has done so that we can continue after she leaves at end of June :-(

3. Questions and concerns about greeting in the schoolhouse?

4. Name tags: what we've done and what else can we do?

Thank you, Friends.