Hospitality Agenda: May 12
Are their issues that we need to discuss at this coming Sunday's Hospitality meeting? If there are, let's meet. Otherwise, if there are volunteers for greeting and potluck, can we do this month's meeting by email?

Here are the upcoming dates for meeting, followed by three Hospitality notices (so please read on):

1. We need greeters and potluck helpers for:

June 2, greeter:
June 2, potluck:
June 9, greeter/refreshments:
June 16, greeter/refreshments:
June 23, greeter/refreshments:
June 30, greeter/refreshments:

Reminder: Here are greeters for the rest of this month:

May 12, greeter/refreshments: Nancy
May 19, greeter/refreshments: Annalee
May 26, greeter/refreshments: Buzz

2. In May we are asked to submit remaining reimbursement requests to the Meeting Treasurer. As a reminder, here is the procedure:

3. Who can assume Annalee's responsibilities after she leaves at the end of June? That means:

4. Name tags in the schoolhouse:

We have been storing our name tag trays in the Teacher's room next to the bathroom. Unfortunately, the bookcases that held them have been removed, so the name tags, lanyards, peel-and-stick labels, etc. are in the first cabinet in the hallway next to the kitchen (see attached photo). Brad has said he's ok with this but I'm not sure how well this is going to work. There is no cover for the cabinet and the name tags might get knocked about--and they are tricky to get into the cabinet and out. If this doesn't work, I think we will have to put them back in the Meeting house and just not have them in the schoolhouse.

Also, regarding the name tags:

Any other thoughts/concerns regarding name tags--or any other issues?

Thank you, Friends.