Hospitality Committee Meeting, Sunday, July 14

Welcome new members! We'll meet this Sunday at 10AM in the teacher's room (next to the bathroom). Here's our agenda:

1. We will open with settling in and introducing ourselves to each other.

2. Brief description of what we do. We now have a Hospitality page on the Web (many thanks to Sean and Finn who provided invaluable help). Of particular interest to new members is the 2019 Annual Report.

3. We need greeters and potluck helpers for:

4. Guest Book
Hart, who has graciously assumed responsibility for monitoring the guest book, will describe how it has been handled in the recent past and her plans for going forward. Matt has said that he would be wlling to meet (for example over coffee) visitors who want to be contacted. Might we consider compiling a list of people, along with Matt, who are willing to contact visitors who want to be contacted?

5. Fellowship and the Library
The committee has discussed what improvements we would like to see in the library and has come to unity on a number of points which Annette will summarize and distribute in a written document. We want to be sensitive to the needs of the library and, therefore, are requesting a meeting with the Library Committee to discuss joint concerns before presenting our document to Building and Grounds.

6. Any other topics for discussion?

Thank you, Friends.