Agenda for Hospitality Meeting, November 10, 2019

Here is the agenda for Sunday, November 10. We'll meet in the Meeting room after 11 o'clock worship and finish by 1:30. Let me know if you would like to add to the agenda and please let me know if you can't attend--and please volunteer by email for greeting and potluck even if you can't attend.

We'll begin with settling in and brief sharing.

1. We need greeters and potluck helpers for:

2. Let's continue our discussion about reinstituting newcomer teas.

3.Bring your suggestions for simple refreshment items to complement beverage during fellowship.

4. Update on the non-functioning freezer in schoolhouse kitchen

Thank you, Friends.

Reminder:. John will be absent on November 24, so Hospitality needs to set up (make sure greeter materials are ready, set up hot water, cups, sugar, tea, etc.) and clean up afterwards.