Agenda for Hospitality Meeting, Wednesday September 16, 2020, 7pm
Zoom link:


1. Begin with silence

2. Check-in

3. What do we think of being the first responder for emails to

It will have been 2 days short of a month since the Hospitality Committee was made first responder and there have been only two four emails in that period. So this seems less anxiety-producing than initially, but we should still discuss what to do going forward.

Here is what has happened since our last meeting: (complete history here)

Here is our current plan of action:

If the email to friends@chapelhillfriends is:

  1. a question like what we used to get while greeting, I will forward to Hart to handle.
  2. a question that I think I know how to respond to (like the oneregarding use of our facility), I will reply, cc'ing friends@chapelhillfriends, anyone else appropriate, and bcc'ing If you have a suggestion for further action you can let me (or the entire committee) know.

Note: is a new email address you can use that goes to all members of the Hospitality committee

  1. a question that I don't know how to respond to, I will send it to hospitality-committee@chapelhillfriends, and possibly someone who I think might know, asking for feedback within 24 hours. Then:

4. Anything else?

Closing silence

Thank you, Friends.