Agenda for Hospitality Meeting, Wednesday October 14, 2020

I don't have any Hospitality issues in mind to discuss. We can schedule a meeting if Friends have an issue to raise; or we can schedule a meeting if people would simply like to connect for a while online; or we can skip this month if people are somewhat zoomed out. I'm happy with any of these options. Just let me know.

There is one item to report on: emails to friends@chapelhillfriends were easy this past month. There were only two. One was what seemed to be a legitimate request to forward an email to Emily Condon, which I did. The other was an advertisement for cleaning services which I ignored.

I have created a concise log of emails to friends@chapelhillfriends which we all have access to edit. Your feedback is most welcome on the process that is documented there for responding to emails. And, again, if someone would like to take a turn at being first responder just let me know and I can redirect emails to friends@chapelhillfriends to your email address.

Thank you, Friends.