Agenda for Hospitality Meeting, Wednesday February 10, 2021

Can we meet on Wednesday, Feb 10, at 7 PM? We didn't meet last month, so I'd like to connect again. And, there is actually committee business to discuss, but I hope that we can spend most of the time simply connecting.

The committee business is this. This month clerks are tasked with "Ascertaining who on the committee is rotating off and who plans to stay on the committee next year. If new committee members will be needed, generate a list of possible names and submit the list to Nominations Committee." Our committee members, with the year they are due to rotate off, are::

• Buzz Borchardt* 22
• Betsy Fenhagen 23
• Hart Pillow 21
• Annette Broadwell 21
• Quaker Harmon 22
• Ben Ray 22
• Gordon Davies 22
• Evelyn Lee 23
Nancy Dosset 23
• Jennifer Leeman 22

Annette has told me that she intends to rotate off at end of June, and I have not yet heard from Hart. I don't rotate off until 2022, but at the end of June I will have been clerk for 3 years. If someone else would like to take over in July, I will be happy to continue helping -- for example updating the Hospitality page on our website. If not, I will be happy to continue clerking until 2022.

So, prior to our meeting, please think about what our requirements will be for 2020-2021. And, the Nominations Committee has asked us to consider whether our committee should have term limits on committee membership (though I suspect the answer to that question is easy).

Here is a log of emails to friends@chapelhillfriends. And, here's a summary of activity since 08/18/20):


Handled within Hospitality
Delegated out of Hospitality
Total eMails
eMails per week
(since 08/18/20)





Note: There are considerably more emails than I last reported because I discovered that a total of 22 emails to friends@chapelhillfriends that had been forwarded to me ended up in my Spam folder and Promotions tab. Fortunately, all of them were rightly ignored (I don't think our meeting needs a drone with 30-minute fly time and wide-angle camera).

Thank you, Friends.