Agenda for Hospitality Meeting, Wednesday, March 10, 2021

It's that time again, and once again we have Hospitality business to discuss. Can we meet on Wednesday, March 10, at 7 PM?

Let me know if there's something that you would like to discuss. What I have in mind are the following:

1. The Hospitality annual report is to be presented at business meeting on March 21. A first draft is attached. Please send me your comments/corrections/emendations, and hopefully we can approve a final version at our meeting on March 10 .

2. Since COVID, Hart has not had occasion to send nearly as many welcome notes/emails as before. What can we do to encourage more visitors to sign up? Here are two ideas to discuss:

In addition to business, hopefully we will have time to connect and enjoy each other's company,

Thank you, Friends.