Hospitality Minutes, April 14, 2019
We had a very enjoyable, and informative, meeting.

In attendance: Annalee, Annette, Buzz, John, Nancy

1. Greeters and potluck helpers:

May 5, greeter: Annette
May 5, potluck: Gwyn, Nancy, ?
May 12, greeter/refreshments: Nancy
May 19, greeter/refreshments: Annalee
May 26, greeter/refreshments: Buzz

Reminder: Here are greeters for the rest of this month:

Apr 21, greeter/refreshments: Hart
Apr 28, greeter/refreshments: Betsy Fenhagen greet, Buzz refreshments

2. Guest Book/Lotsa Helping Hands:
Annalee explained how she makes the welcome cards that are sent to visitors who leave their mailing address. While we can't expect Annalee's successor to have her artistic flair and calligraphy skills, Annalee has agreed to write up what she does to facilitate someone taking over.

Lotsa Helping Hands: It seems there is some unclarity regarding this, e.g., is it only for meals or other requests as well? Are there enough people signed up? Next month, let's talk about this and if we are at unity we can check with Care and Counsel to make sure they have the same understanding as us.

3. Questions and concerns about greeting in the schoolhouse?

4. Name tags:
Personally, it appears to me that people are getting used to the new system and that it is starting to work fairly smoothly--certainly better than the old system. Using poster board inside the plastic holders makes them more rigid and stand up better in the wood trays. The color coding suggested by Catherine Alguire makes it easier for people to return their name tag to the proper tray -- and makes it easy for us to recognize misplaced tags. And, I have begun replacing the metal clips with plastic ones that are, perhaps, somewhat lighter and, more importantly, seem to swivel more easily in the holders if someone wants to change the position of the clip.

John has generously volunteered to put out the name tag holders and supplies before worship. But, if he is overwhelmed with something else, the trays and supplies are on the bookcase in the Teacher's room next to the bathroom, and it seems to me that we might help put them back after worship if you are not busy talking with visitors.

Thank you, Friends.