Hospitality Minutes: May 12
Even though we didn't meet last week, it occurs to me that I should send out minutes because we still need volunteers to greet and help at potluck, and there are a couple other items of importance, so please read on:

1. We need greeters and potluck helpers for:

May 26, greeter: Nancy (substituting for Buzz)
June 2, greeter: Buzz
June 2, potluck: Annette, Hart (setting up), Matt, Nancy
June 9, greeter/refreshments: ?
June 16, greeter/refreshments: ?
June 23, greeter/refreshments: ?
June 30, greeter/refreshments: ?

2. Reminder that in May we are asked to submit remaining reimbursement requests (refer to the most recent agenda for the procedure).

3. Who can assume Annalee's responsibilities after she leaves at the end of June? That means:

4. Name tags in the schoolhouse:

Thank you, Friends.