Hospitality Meeting, Sunday, June 9

Here are the very late and somewhat abbreviated minutes from our last meeting.

Attending: Annette, Buzz, Lori, Nancy

1. The main order of business -- we still need greeters for the following days:

3. Fellowship and the Library
Annette has distributed a document describing changes we would like to see made to the library. As soon as everyone on the committee has responded we will ask to meet with the Library Committee. Even though Annalee, Joanna, and Nancy will have left our committee, we hope you will all participate in that meeting because you have the most recent and relevant experience with hosting fellowship (Annalee, of course, will be on the Library Committee).

3. Lotsa Helping Hands
As of yet, no one has expressed interest in assuming this responsibility. Since Buzz has worked on understanding and documenting how to administer the website, he volunteers to assume responsibility at least temporarily. Once the newly constituted committee meets in July, we can see if someone is interested. It would be good if there is also someone familiar with the site who can act as backup.

Thank you, Friends.