Minutes of Hospitality Committee Meeting, Sunday, July 14

It was wonderful to have so many new members joining us along with returning members. In attendance: Annette, Ben, Buzz, Hart, Jennifer, Quaker.
I think we can meet before late worship next month, but we should start earlier (say, 9:30). I had forgotten the we don't have the full hour since greeting starts at quarter to 11.

1. We opened with settling in and introductions.

2. Brief description of what we do. Reminder: We now have a Hospitality page on the Web (to navigate there, select Committees on the menu, then click the "sticky note" icon to the right of Hospitality.

3. Greeters and potluck helpers for:

4. Guest Book
Thanks again to Hart for taking on responsibility for the guest book. We decided that:

5. Fellowship and the Library
Attached is the document, Fellowship_in_the_library.pdf, that Annette wrote summarizing the points that the Hospitality committee had discussed and agreed on.

Annette and Buzz were able to meet with the Library committee after worship and distributed copies of the document for discussion. The Library committee members present read the document and will discuss with members not present. The plan is for the Library committee and Hospitality to meet jointly with building and grounds to discuss the findings and recommendations.

Thank you, Friends.