Minutes of Hospitality Meeting, October 13, 2019

We had a productive meeting this past Sunday! Attending: Annette, Buzz, Jennifer, Quaker.

1. We need greeters and potluck helpers for the dates with ? below:

2. Suggestions for the Hospitality Committee

  1. Have a definite end time for committee meetings. We'll start as promptly after worship as we can and aim to end by 1:30
  2. Continue via email what we can't finish in a committee meeting.
  3. Jennifer volunteered to talk with Hart to discern how best to compile a list of people willing to be contacted to meet a visitor in person who requests such a meeting in response to our welcome card.
  4. In the interest of finding ways to support newcomers we will discuss at our next meeting the idea of reinstituting newcomer teas.
  5. In our effort to support fellowship after meeting we are committed to providing coffee, tea, and a light snack. We want to keep the food simple--a pick up item that goes with coffee or tea. Quaker has offered to start a Google doc of ideas for snacks that fit this description, and we hope all will contribute their own ideas.
  6. We are questioning the need for Hospitality to get involved in coordinating meals. When Care and Counsel gets a meal request, they often already know the persons most likely to want to be involved. And when there is a need to ask for assistance from the larger Meeting, an In the Light email is perhaps the better option.
  7. Since we haven't had volunteers to host for Thanksgiving the past two years we will not coordinate a Thanksgiving event this year.
  8. We learned that the Early School is planning to replace their non-functioning freezer with an ordinary refrigerator. Buzz will send an email to Brad requesting that he meet with representatives of Hospitality to discuss those plans to make sure that our potluck and celebration needs are met in the schoolhouse.
  9. BTW. John will be absent on November 24, so Hospitality needs to set up (make sure greeter materials are ready, set up hot water, cups, sugar, tea, etc.) and clean up afterwards.

Thank you, Friends.