Minutes Hospitality Meeting, November 10, 2019

Attenders: Ben, Buzz, Jennifer, Quaker, John

1. We still need greeters for Dec 8, 15

2. Newcomer teas: The sense of those present was:

3. Refreshment ideas: Quaker has started a Google doc that she will share so that we can add our ideas.

4. Schoolhouse freezer replacement: We need to ensure that our needs are taken into consideration. John has learned that the school house is close to finding a replacement and has emailed everyone concerned to make sure that all are aware.

5. Fellowship and the library: John asked if the Library Committee could join our Hospitality meeting to discuss renovation plans for the library (attending: Allie, Annalee, Dave, Lloyd).

Thank you, Friends.

Reminder:. John will be absent on November 24, so Hospitality needs to set up (make sure greeter materials are ready, set up hot water, cups, sugar, tea, etc.) and clean up afterwards.