Minutes for Hospitality Meeting, December 8, 2019

Attending: Annette, Ben, Buzz

So many people were otherwise disposed that we didn't have a Hospitality meeting, but we did meet with the Library committee to discuss desired renovations to the library. More about that below, but first a more pressing issue:
WE NEED A GREETER FOR THIS COMING SUNDAY and for the following Sundays. Please volunteer by email (Annette and I are gone this coming weekend visiting my new grandson).

We need greeters and potluck helpers for:

Annette, Ben, and Buzz met with the library committee (Dave, Lloyd, Allie, Eloise attending) and John the Quaker also attending. We agreed to aim to put discussion of library renovations on the agenda for January MWAB.

In the meantime we will work to put together a presentation for MWAB with the general issues on which we have reached unity, such as flooring, ceiling, and lighting more consistent with the Meeting room and opening up the library space to provide a more efficient space for serving coffee tea and light snacks to support fellowship after meeting.

Thank you, Friends.