Minutes of Hospitality Meeting, Sunday February 9, 2020

We had a very productive and enjoyable meeting. Here is what we discussed (please let me know of additions and correction).
Attending: Annette, Ben, Buzz, Jennifer, Quaker

1. Greeters and potluck helpers:

2. Annual report: Later this month I will distribute a draft by email for committee members to comment on and approve by March 3 when it needs to be sent to Publications.

3. Noise in the foyer: We agreed that it is a matter of greeter disrcretion whether to ask someone to wait in the library or let them go into Meeting. But some suggestions:

4. Newcomer teas: We are at unity that newcomer teas are desirable and that the Hospitality Committee should resume this role perhaps every six months. One idea is to sponsor a light luncheon in the schoolhouse after Meeting. Since Leslie Rountree expressed an interest on the part of M&W in reviving newcomer teas, Jennifer volunteered to talk with Leslie to see if she would want to offer a tea at some point in her home to kick this off..
Thank you, Jennifer, and thank you, Friends.