Minutes of Hospitality Meeting, Sunday March 8, 2020

We didn't have enough members to hold a meeting, so we can conduct essential business online. First of all, we need greeters and potluck helpers, and then there is information below concerning our budget.

1. We need greeters and potluck helpers for:

2. Budget: In March the committee is asked to submit its budget for the following year. Is our current budget adequate? You can find budget information on our Hospitality website (including a hypothetical Hospitality annual budget)

If my accounting is correct, we have $173 left until end of our budget year (end of June). Half of that will go for buying compostable plates, many of which will be used in the following year, and the remaining money should be adequate for any other expenses that come up (stamps, etc).

One question that has never been resolved for as long as I have been on the Hospitality committee is how to pay for fellowship snacks. Anyone who provides snacks is entitled to request reimbursement, and Joanna, when she was clerk, used to encourage us to do so. However, assuming 40 fellowships per year (52 weeks per year minus 12 potlock weeks equals 40) and assuming $10 per fellowship, that equals $400 or our total budget. In practice, few people have requested reimbursement, and the cost, I figure, can be held to around $8 per fellowship (not counting cofee, tea, cream, sugar, etc. which definitely come out of the budget).

So, I propose asking for the same amount for next year, i.e., $400 (in January, if it looks like we are going to go over, then we can request a supplement).

Your thoughts?

4. Newcomer teas/potlucks: We can discuss at our next meeting

Thank you, Friends.