Minutes of Hospitality Meeting, Wednesday August 12, 2020

We had a very substantive meeting. Attending: Annette, Ben, Buzz, Chris, Evelyn, Gordon, Quaker (and Jasmine stopped by on her way to Finance)

Buzz began the meeting by summarizing what Hospitality has been doing up to now in welcoming visitors to our meeting. Chris then presented his proposal which is as follows: (Please speak up if your understanding is different than described here)

  1. Hospitality will continue (i.e., Hart) sending a welcome email to anyone who leaves their email address in chat during zoom worship, and Buzz will add the email address to the listserv.
  2. Messages sent to friends@chapelhillfriends.org will be forwarded to:

    Clerk of Hospitality is new; Jan Hutton and Matt Dake (ex-Clerks who had remained on the distribution list) will no longer receive.

  3. Hospitality is the designated first responder for messages to friends@chapelhillfriends.org.

    Explanation: It is imperative that such messages be responded to promptly (within 48 hours or less). To ensure this, it is important that it be clear who is responsible for responding so as to avoid the situation where no one responds, thinking that someone else is going to. (Similarly, it is important that not everyone respond, thinking that it is their responsibility.) So, it will be the responsibility of the Hospitality Committee to respond promptly, replying-all, to every message to friends@chapelhillfriends.org. Replying-all means that the person who sent the email receives the response as does everyone on the distribution list above. Clerks on the distribution list who receive the reponse are thereby notified if further action is required by them.

  4. The intention of this proposal is that meeting business be handled by committees rather than by individuals acting from their own leading.

So, how will Hospitality respond to emails to friends@chapelhillfriends.org? The following are my first thoughts. I propose that we discuss at our next Hospitality meeting, and please respond beforehand with your own ideas.

  1. If the email is a simple request for information about our Meeting, Clerk of Hospitality (Buzz) will forward the email to Hart who will reply-all with a welcome email, and Buzz will add the sender's email address to the listserv.
  2. If the email is something other, then Buzz will either:

Some thoughts:

Thank you, Friends.