Minutes for Hospitality Meeting, Wednesday September 16, 2020

We had a productive meeting, and it was enjoyable connecting. Attending: Annette, Buzz, Evelyn, Gordon, Jennifer, Quaker

We discussed our role as first responder for emails to friends@chapelhillfriends.org. Points made include the following:

We also discussed the desirability of collecting and making members' photographs available as a way of helping members connect with one another. For example, a pdf version of the Directory that included photographs is possible. However, the sense of the Committee seems to be that most members don't want their picture and identity made publicly available.

Thank you, Friends.

For reference purposes, here is a revised plan of action taking account of the suggestions (note: "responder" means whoever from the committee is currently responsible for first response)

If the email to friends@chapelhillfriends is:

  1. a question like what we used to get while greeting, responder forwards to Hart to handle.
  2. a question that responder knows how to respond to, responder replies, cc'ing friends@chapelhillfriends and anyone else appropriate.
  3. a question that responder doesn't know how to respond to, responder sends it to hospitality-committee@chapelhillfriends, or anyone else who responder thinks might know, asking for feedback within 24 hours. Then:

And, here's a summary of emails received so far (complete email text here):