Name Tag Supplies

Clear plastic name tag holders

These work well--good size, relatively easy to open, pretty inexpensive. Ordered from Amazon, 25 for $5.99

MIFFLIN Plastic Horizontal Card Holder (3x4 Inch, Clear, Bulk 25 Pack) Quick Load No Zipper Name ID Badge

Name tag clips

These plastic clips are perhaps somewhat lighter than the metal ones. These were ordered from Amazon, 24 clips for $8.99.

24Pcs Plastic Badge Clips Badge Strap Clip with Clear PVC Straps for ID Card Name Tag Badge Holder

Name tag inserts

Rather than buy pre-cut inserts I have been buying white poster board from Dollar Store at $1 a sheet and cutting to size. This is cheap and more importantly the poster board is sufficiently thick and stiff to help the name tags stay upright in the wooden tray.


We use "key chain lanyards with split ring" that the name tag can be clipped to. By putting the clip onto the name tag rather than on the lanyard a member can clip the name tag directly to an article of clothing and dispense with the lanyard entirely. Or, the name tag can be clipped to the lanyard and worn around the neck.

A great place to buy these lanyards is Specialist ID Inc. which has a reasonable shipping fee. There is some confusion as to whether we bought the 2135-3103 Round Lanyard w Steel Key / Split Ring (P/N 2135-310X) or the 2136-3653 5/8" Wide Key Chain Lanyard with Split Ring 2136-365X. We seem to have the flag, but that doesn't fit the invoice which is the following. So, order what you think best.


Wooden name tag trays

Our wooden trays came from Name Badge Productions. For some reason trays are relatively expensive and these are the cheapest.

SKU 3201 Wooden Badge Holder 1 for $29.99 (minus a 10% special-offer discount)

Stick-on name tag labels

Most any will do but beware of labels without any border--they are hard to peel off because you can't see where the border is.

These work well: Avery Personalized Name Tags, Print or Write, Blue Border, 2-1/3" x 3-3/8", 100 Adhesive Tags (5144)

And don't forget...

things to write with