How to get started with Discord

First time discord users should register for a new account.

Registration page not pictured. BE SURE that you keep track of your login and password. You will need it later!

Once you're registered and logged in you should see a page like this. Click the "download" button to pull down the desktop app.

Install the downloaded software. This is different for different browsers and operating systems. Contact Finn, Sam, or Tom with questions.

Once you start the Discord desktop app for the first time, you must put in your login information again. The QuakerCraft discussion board is circled in green. Look for the boxy guy.

To participate in voice chat, click on the "general" voice channel circled in red.

Discord should have already automatically found your microphone and speakers.
Remember that you can ask for help in the general text channel or in "discord-help" if you have difficulty with the voice channel.