Celebration Committee Recommendations

Approved by Ministry and Worship, September 2019

Welcoming Babies/Children

Care and Counsel will invite families who have a new member (by birth or adoption) to be welcomed into the meeting. Others who have been affiliated with the meeting are invited to request a welcoming. The welcoming would involve introducing the child to the community at MFW and giving them a welcoming certificate for those in attendance to sign. Care and Counsel will assign a point person to reach out to the parents and consult with them on the wording and other components of the ceremony.

The welcoming should coincide with the monthly potluck meal when possible. Care and Counsel will provide and bear the cost of a sheet cake and flowers. If the family wishes to host a light reception on a different date, they are encouraged to coordinate it with help from meeting volunteers as available.

Graduation Recognition

Ministry and Worship and Adult Religious Education will invite high school and undergraduate seniors in our meeting community to speak at a forum in late spring about their formative years in CHFM. Others who are earning advanced degrees will also be invited to participate. Meeting for Worship with Attention to Graduation will follow the forum as well as the monthly potluck. Ministry and Worship will assign a point person to reach out to graduates and will provide and bear the cost of a sheet cake and gift book.


Weddings under the care of the meeting result from the time-honored practice of clearness committees and are supported by the subsequent wedding committee. Generally, all costs are borne by the wedding couple.


Care and Counsel and a representative from the Hospitality Committee will work with the family on planning any reception following the memorial service if it is held on the grounds of the meeting. Volunteers in the community may be asked to provide drinks and light refreshments.

Christmas Party

The annual Christmas party is a collaborative effort between the Hospitality and Children and Youth Religious Education committees.

Other Events

We welcome more celebrations which enrich our community. We are mindful that these events require time and effort. Events such as the Spiritual State of the Meeting, the New Year’s Eve celebration, anniversary or birthday parties, etc. are the responsibility of the committee or individual who initiates them. Hospitality has developed instructions for those using our facilities. Please consult them prior to the event.