A Forum is offered on most Sundays from 9:45 to 10:45 a.m. from late August through late June. Forums are offered to enhance and deepen our spiritual lives.

During the COVID-19 crisis Forums have moved to an online format

The Adult Religious Education Committee schedules Forums that offer a wide variety of topics as related to Quaker faith and practice, social issues, personal sharings, outside speakers, Chapel Hill Friends Meeting Committees, etc. (There is no Forum on the third Sunday of each month, which is the 9:00 a.m. Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business.)

May 2022

    May 1 - Reentry House Plus

    Until a few months ago, Hillsborough had no housing options for those returning from prison. That recently changed when a group of concerned citizens formed a non-profit organization and bought a house. Well located close to a bus route and a supermarket, the house is called ReentryHouse Plus. The word “Plus” signifies that ReentryHouse Plus helps their residents overcome barriers and succeed. Doug Peterson, William Elmore, Tommy Green, and Ran Hammer will describe the evolution of ReentryHouse Plus, the Success While in Transition Program (SWIT), and how to invest in the success of Reeentry House Plus.

    May 8 - Renewing Burial Traditions

    Presented by Anne Weston of the Green Burial Project, and Heidi Hannapel of Bluestem Conservation Cemetery. Anne and Heidi will provide background and basics on green burial and consumer options in North Carolina. They will review the distinctions between green cemeteries and conservation cemeteries, and share details about Bluestem, the Piedmont's first conservation cemetery opening later this summer in Cedar Grove.

    May 15 - No Forum

    Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business at 9:00 a.m

    May 22 - Quaker Practice Series: Weddings & Funerals

    Moderator: Deborah Gibbs. Panelists: Jimmy Malone & Zac Lawhon; Lucy Gorham; Lori Khamala & Sean Chen; and Jeff Brown.

    May 29 - What Does Memorial Day Mean to me as a Quaker?