A Forum is offered every Sunday from 9:45 to 10:45 a.m. (except the third Sunday of each month which is the 9:00 a.m. Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business). Forums offer a wide variety of topics as related to Quaker faith and practice, social issues, personal sharings, Chapel Hill Friends Meeting Committees, outside speakers, etc. Forums are offered through the Adult Religious Education Committee to enhance and deepen our spiritual lives.

April 2019

    April 7 - Building Institutional Capacity for True Inclusion

    Karen Cumberbatch (CFS)

    April 14 - The Early Days of Chapel Hill Friends Meeting

    Lois Ann Hobbs (age 97) will share historical memories from the 1940s and 1950s, of the handful of people who started the CHFM, which led to the development of the IFC (Interfaith Food Council) and Quaker House. Attending Friends who knew these people are invited to participate in the discussion.

    April 21 - (Easter) No Forum

    You are invited to worship with Piedmont Friends Yearly Meeting and Fellowship at Carolina Friends School in Durham, NC. during the Piedmont Friends Fellowship annual spring meeting.

    April 28 - Worship Sharing with Attention to Animals

    Animals enrich our lives – as part of nature, as pets, as helpers, as research subjects, as food. We will share concern for the welfare of all animals. Feel free to bring photos or well-mannered animals. See the newsletter, website or contact Robin Harper for guidelines, more information, or to arrange for pet sitting afterwards.

May 2019

    May 5 - Personal Sharing

    By Carolyn Stuart.

    May 12 - NO FORUM

    Parking at CHFM is limited due to UNC graduation.

    May 19 - NO FORUM

    Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business (9am)

    May 26 -

    Learn about our new website and discuss your feedback, ideas for improvements, and issues you may have with the site. We will have a demonstration of the key features of the website, and hope this starts a great conversation about what the web presence of the Meeting can be. Facilitated by members of Publications & Communications.

June 2019

    June 2 - Quakers Working in Divided Government

    Nancy Milio will discuss what Quakers, as Friends Committee on National Legislation, et al., must be aware of when seeking new opportunities for success toward goals of peace and justice, while taking into account an unpredictable President, right wing opposition, and a conservative Supreme Court.

    June 9 - Friends House Moscow

    CHFM member Karen Porter, a Friends House Moscow (FHM) board member for seven years, will talk about the work of the only Friends organization in the Russian Federation, which includes work with conscientious objectors, orphans, school children, and others in need in both Russia and Ukraine. The international board includes representatives from the U.S., U.K., and several European countries, as well as Russians.