How Can I Help Against Racism?

Informing Ourselves

Informing ourselves the origins and effects of racism helps. A good reading list: and a comprehensive syllabus of material to read, listen and watch online can be seen here:

Reflection Points and Action

  • Be more than “not racist”; be antiracist.
  • Have difficult conversations. Do you know someone who: Feels angry when people tell them that they benefit from white privilege? Says “Not all white people” or similar phrases? Tries convincing you that you are wrong by pointing out people of color who agree with their views? Talks about when they immigrated, or explains their own hardships when a PoC talks about being oppressed? Feels the need to state that they have friends/family who are people of color? These comments may seem well-meaning but help build an uncritical defense of racism – engage and challenge these views. Talking with friends and family: &
  • Support programs that support racial justice:
  • Support black business &
  • Become a legal observer. The NLG provides training:
  • Donate to the national bail fund network to help protesters: