Communicating with Men at Orange County Correctional

Transition and Support Committee recommends the following:

Friends may write letters to residents at OCC. Be sure to get the OPUS ID number for the resident; this number can be obtained by asking the man for his ID number at Meeting. The prison address is:

Inmate Name, OPUS (ID) Number
PO Box 1149
Hillsborough, NC 27278

A return address is required on all mail to OCC. Do not use return address labels but write the address by hand. Some may choose to use the meetinghouse address as the return address.

Sending Letters to an Inmate

(from North Carolina Inmate Phones/Sending Money & Mail)

One of the most critical ways to stay in contact with inmates is through writing letters. Inmates are allowed to send and receive an unlimited amount of mail. Incoming mail will be opened and inspected for unauthorized items, the letters will only be read if a supervisor has reason to believe the letter may contain criminal activity, or that the letter may threaten harm to an individual or contain something that puts the safety, security, and order of the prison in jeopardy. Legal mail may not be read, but it can be opened and inspected in the presence of the inmate. Offenders are responsible for purchasing their own stamps from the commissary. Inmates who have no money in their account and are found indigent are provided with ten stamps each month for personal letters, outgoing legal mail will not have a limit imposed. Some things you should never do when sending a letter, as it will result in the letter being rejected:

  • Don’t use staples or paper clips
  • Never use marker, crayon, glitter, glue, stickers or lipstick on the letter or envelope
  • Don’t use perfume or any other fragrance
  • Any drawings or markings that can be misconstrued as secret code etc. will result in refusal
  • Never write anything in the letters that you wouldn’t want a third party to read (all mail is inspected and read by staff)”

Sending Books and Magazines

Inmates in North Carolina can also receive books, magazines, and newspapers sent directly from the publisher. This means you can order books and other publications from and have them shipped directly to the inmate’s name, ID Number and inmate mailing address. Limit your orders to no more than three books at a time. All books must be paperback editions, and must come new directly from Amazon, used books and third party sellers are not allowed. Magazine subscriptions and newspapers can also be ordered for inmates. No publications are allowed to contain nudity or describe how to manufacture weapons, alcohol, or drugs.

For additional information, contact the Transitions and Support Committee: