Small Group Signups: 2022-2023

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Facilitator: Tom Munk

ONGOING and OPEN small group We meet almost every Thursday night around 7:00 via zoom for some brief chatting, followed by game-playing on We often start with the quick spaghetti-Western social deduction game Bang! and the quick strategy civilization-building card game Seven Wonders, but we have played 10 to 20 different games over the course of the pandemic, depending on who is attending. Showing up later works, too, but you might spend some of your time watching and chatting instead of playing.

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Facilitator: Wendy Michener

Meeting in-person and wearing masks, we will share our craft/sewing projects in process. We will check in as people are led and with anything else we want to share.

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Facilitator: Tom Munk

We meet for about 90 minutes for a worship sharing or Claremont Dialogue on two topics. ALL CONVERSATION IS IN SPANISH. These groups are based on listening. Individuals have time to share without interruption or dialogue. The first topic is sharing how our lives have been for the last month. The second topic is a query, most commonly the same query the Meeting is using for the month. We generally meet online, but sometimes we meet at Friends’ homes for an optional informal potluck first.

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Facilitator: Wendy Michener

Check in - How long have you gardened? How do you rate yourself? What do you work with? Share pictures of your garden. Compile questions. Share answers. Share stories. Have you had successes and failures with your garden?

Click here for more information about For People who Love Gardening - Sharing for Experts and Beginners (by Zoom) and the signup!

Facilitator: Matt Drake

Utilizing worship sharing, we will explore: The Light Within, Meeting for Worship, Vocal Ministry, and Prayer based on pages 4-11 of the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice of the Religious Society of Friends, 2018.

Click here for more information about Four Basics of Quaker Faith and the signup!

Facilitator: Pam Schwingl

The purpose of this group is to get to know each other better, enjoy a meal together, and simply relax into friendship. In addition, the group will pick a theme to discuss for each luncheon.

Click here for more information about Gathering Together with Attention to Lunch! and the signup!

Facilitator: Carolyn and Peter White

Come join a small group of Friends as we explore four local hiking trails in late winter, early spring and get to know more about the habitat and each other on the trails. Each hike is between 4-5 miles on uneven ground, some with hills. Children and dogs are welcome (though no dogs are allowed on the Mason Farm hike.) Note that Peter will be glad to answer any question about nature but the focus will be on getting to know each other.

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Facilitator: Campo Larrick

Participants will have opportunities to practice skills in deep listening and asking evoking questions, practices which assume that each person has a direct inward connection with God, Spirit, Christ and/or the Inner Guide. A faithfulness group is a small group focused on helping one another discern and respond to how the Spirit is leading/calling each of us in our lives. In the structured format, two people have about an hour of focus each time the group meets, rotating among the members so that all have a turn. The focus person gives a 15-minute presentation about the area of their life or leading or ministry they would like to focus on. Then the group asks questions to help the person explore this in a deeper way. There will also be an introductory workshop to faithfulness groups on November 19th if you’re curious to learn more first!

Click here for more information about Introduction to Faithfulness Groups and the signup!

Facilitator: Madelyn Ashley

I would like to have a small group that gathers for eating and conversation. We will start with eating at my house and I will cook. We will plan future options for eating at our first meeting.

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Facilitator: Matt Drake

We will develop and deepen our practices of opening ourselves to God/Spirit/the Divine through worship sharing, readings, and mutual support.

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Facilitator: Lori Khamala

Monthly dinners with Friends navigating busy work schedules, teenagers, and life in general, seeking to remain connected and mindful throughout it all. We will meet 2nd Fridays of the month and rotate homes and cooking responsibilities. Meeting days can change per will of the group.

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Facilitator: Astra Titus

Through guided discussion of a case study, we will explore and dissect some of the intricate layers of systemic racism. In doing so, we also offer ourselves an opportunity to discover and discern how we can be good stewards of racial equity and justice in our own lives, both individually and communally. Participants should know that they will have required content to listen to/view/read on their own.

Click here for more information about The Trojan Horse: A Study of Systemic Racism and the signup!

Facilitator: Kate Finch

A vegan potluck club for anyone interested in cooking and eating vegan food! Vegan food is defined as food that contains no animals, insects, or their by-products. Meat, fish, gelatin, milk, eggs, cheese, butter, yogurt, and honey are not vegan. Beans, grains, vegetables, fruits, tofu, tempeh, and vegan alternatives to milk, cheese, yogurt, and butter are vegan. If anyone wants to participate but is unfamiliar with cooking vegan food, I am happy to refer people to my favorite websites for vegan recipes.

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